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I provide business strategy, digital transformation and sustainability consulting services that guarantee success. Organizations love it!

I work with business leaders and their teams to deliver strategies and action plans that create positive, long-lasting value. I’m a business school professor and consultant. You’re getting from me both research-based strategic insights and practice-driven solutions that guarantee excellent outcomes. 

About ME

Hey, I’m Jude, a professor and consultant. My approach combines solid research and industry experience to provide solutions that deliver results. My goal? A commitment driven by passion to see my clients’ organisation succeed and grow.

Adding Value to Your Organization

Doing business today is more complex than ever before, with increasing sustainability challenges and a growing amount of data to manage. To respond successfully to change and capture positive, long-lasting value, you need to possess the winning set of strategies, capabilities, people, and processes that will help your organisation drive significant and measurable results.  I’ll be your GUIDE, journeying with you step by step to success.

This is what I can help you with.

  • Strategic Planning: Crafting a clear, actionable strategic plan that aligns seamlessly with your vision and objectives. It’s the roadmap to your future success.
  • Market Analysis: Providing you with deep insights into your industry, competition, and target audience. A clear understanding of market dynamics is the foundation of an effective strategy.
  • Change Management: Helping you navigate transitions and changes with a focus on employee engagement and productivity. Change can be beneficial when properly managed!
  • Leadership Development: Helping you cultivate a strong leadership culture and high-performing teams who can drive organizational growth.
  • Innovation Strategy: Enabling your organisation to implement an innovation mindset that keeps you ahead of your competitors.
  • Digital Strategy: Developing digital strategies that fit with your organizational vision and objectives. Digital success is today’s business growth factor!
  • Technology Assessment: Evaluating your current digital technology stack and helping you identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Data Analytics: Harnessing the power of data to enable your organisation to make informed decisions and drive business growth. Data is the new gold; make it work for your organisation!
  • Digital Customer Experience: Helping you improve customer engagement and satisfaction through seamless digital experiences. Satisfied customers are loyal, they keep on coming to you!
  • Sustainability Strategy: Crafting a sustainability strategy that aligns with your organization’s values and goals. Sustainability is no longer a choice; it’s an imperative!
  • Environmental Impact Assessment: Helping your organisation identify and mitigate environmental risks and opportunities. It’s not just about compliance; it’s about proactive strategic plans.
  • Supply Chain Sustainability: Developing sustainable strategies that enable your supply chain to reduce waste, maintain compliance, and reduce inventory. A sustainable supply chain is a competitive advantage.
  • Sustainability Reporting: Creating objective sustainability reports that demonstrate your commitment to stakeholders and environmental stewardship. Transparency builds trust.

We start with a discovery session, where we assess and identify areas of growth and development; then we define the:

  • Scope of work
  • Expectations and deliverables

I work with you on a weekly basis to ensure that your objectives are reached. The end? No, we journey together to ensure your organisation sustains its growth. Good news, we’re now partners!

For consultations, they are priced on an hourly basis. For project-based pricing, a discovery call is needed to assess the scope, deliverables, and budget.

Growth starts here. Ready?

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