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Award for outstanding scientific publication

Dr Jude Edeh received the Award for outstanding scientific publications for his publication on the Effects of innovation strategies on export performance: New empirical evidence from developing market firms. The award, which is organised by the Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences, University of Seville, Spain, recognises high-quality scientific outputs.

In Effects of innovation strategies on export performance, Dr Edeh, Professor Ramos-Hidalgo and Dr. Divine Obodoechi studied the heterogeneous impacts of innovation types on enterprise performance, a topic that remains largely underexplored, especially in developing countries. Using firm-level data from the lower-middle-income country, they empirically explored the individual and joint impacts of technological and non-technological innovations on the export performance of small and medium-sized enterprises. First, they find that product innovation has a negative impact, whereas process innovation leads to increased export performance. In addition, they find that marketing innovation contributes significantly to export performance. Furthermore, they find that implementing product innovation, process innovation and marketing innovation leads to superior export performance. Finally, based on these findings, they provided recommendations for designing efficient public policies that can promote business innovation in developing countries.