Project Date :

10 April 2023


More than 80% of children in Sub-Saharan Africa go to schools that lack electricity. That is, about 100 million students attend primary and secondary schools not connected to any type of electricity supply. 


SESA is committed to transforming lives in sub-Saharan Africa by providing primary and secondary school students with clean and sustainable energy solutions. Through these actions, SESA is reducing the illiteracy level while improving the quality of education.

SESA empowers students for a brighter and sustainable future through our clean energy actions; SESA provides lighting and solutions that enable the use of information and communications technologies (ICT) for educational purposes.

The sustainability challenge involves everybody. As a result, SESA designs sustainability curricula and teaching materials for primary and secondary schools to promote grassroots sustainable and responsible actions. Additionally, SESA is dedicated to training teachers and local leaders to foster sustainable values in schools and communities across countries in sub-Saharan Africa.


Before the end of 2030, SESA wants to transform the lives of 18,000 students through clean energy solutions and sustainable education empowerment.


+ To create a brighter future for African children by providing clean energy solutions to rural and most vulnerable schools.

+ To help schools design curricula and provide them with tools and know-how that can empower them to create a sustainable future for themselves and for the planet.


SESA has already reached thousands of students and will continue reaching rural and most vulnerable community schools.

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